IE Solar Panel Cleaning

IE Solar Panel Cleaning

We are the Inland Empire's Solar Panel Cleaning Experts

Clean Solar Panels For Efficient Power

If you have solar panels and want to ensure their efficiency, it is essential to keep them clean. 

Since 1986, IE Solar Panel Cleaning has been serving Riverside and San Bernardino, keeping the windows and solar panels beautiful and clean. 

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About IE Solar Panel Cleaning

We have served the Inland Empire as window cleaners since 1986. We are still active in window cleaning but are transitioning to solar panel cleaning.

As window cleaners, we know how to clean glass and have abundant experience with walking on roofs to gain access to upstairs windows.

Rest assured that when the job is done, you will have clean solar panels and no broken tiles or damaged rain gutters from ladders needed to access your roof.


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We Provide Superior Cleaning Services

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Solar Panel Cleaning

We use the best materials to clean your panels. Special brushes that will clean, not scratch, your solar panels. All solar panels get cleaned with deïonized water

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Our Difference is Clear

After we have cleaned your panels we recommend you check how much you are generating. To get a good comparison check how much you generated the day before and the day after we came, provided there is similar weather those days.

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Clean Panels Increase Efficiency

Our customers report back to us that they get 20% increase in generated power.

Why Choose Us

Five Reasons People Choose IE Solar Panel Cleaning

Quality Material

We use the latest brushes recommended for cleaning solar panels with spray bars on top and bottom and filter our water so you get a no spot result.

Trained Workers

All our workers have many years of experience working on roofs. Safety is our number one priority. We pride our selves on never having a accident in all our years of business

Time Availability

We would like to inform you that we are available six days a week to provide you with estimates.

Quick Response

Give us a call or a text and we"ll get back to you the same day.

All Work Insured

On request, we can provide you with proof of Workmens Comp insurance

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For over 35 years, we have lived in Riverside, California. We are your neighbor and would love to help you get the most out of your solar panels.

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